Comparing the artistic landmarks of two equally fascinating Durbar Squares - Patan and Bhaktapur Day Tour
Patan and Bhaktapur Day Tour is probably one of the best ways to explore two medieval towns of Kathmandu Valley, which went through intense Art War in the different eras. Patan the town referred as “City of Artists” and Bhaktapur the city known as the “City of Devotees” house Durbar Squares, which are unique with their attributes and architectural style. The quake 2015 made slight impact in these landmarks but both of these UNESCO World Heritage Sites are under restoration process in a very rapid pace. 

To begin the day tour, first we drive to Patan Durbar Square. The heritage site houses so many beautifully constructed ancient monuments and sacred shrines. Krishna Mandir, Patan Museum, Bangla Mukhi Temple and Golden Temple among others are the notable monuments you will explore there. While exploring the place, you shall closely observe the erotic depictions in carved in the wooden planks of most of monuments. You will get enough glimpses of typical Newari culture around the Durbar Square.

After the exploration of Patan Durbar Square, we drive to Bhaktapur Durbar Square, which is another fascinating ancient able to preserve the historic architectures in the best form. Nyatapol, the giant monument, which survived the quake 2015 without a scar will no doubt amaze you. Moreover, the best of traditional Newari culture can be seen at the backstreets of Bhaktapur Durbar Square.

After the thorough tour of Patan and Bhaktapur, we drive back to our hotel in Kathmandu. 

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